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Welcome to Torchwood

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Torchwood is a realm based Roleplay game located on Hidden Realms

Torchwood is room based off the New Series of Doctor who that premiered in 2005. It takes off immediately after the events of the second series finale Doomsday, and play will commence in both realities. Because of this, that does mean that the Doctor is in his assumed 10th Regeneration.

In the main reality, life goes on for the Doctor. The lonely god, the last of the time lords. He continues to wander, always with a companion, never settling down. In present day, London the Torchwood institute is gradually building itself up again after the fiasco that was the 'Ghost Shifts.' In "Pete's World," life continues on for the Tyler family. It's version of Torchwood is flourishing, the threat of the Cybermen long past.

This room was made for the sole purpose of entertainment and fun, as well as to help a broken hearted Whovians deal with the events that occurred in Doomsday. This room is Rated PG13, because for foul language and violence. Please no graphic sex RPs within the room, use a private realm or instant message for that.

Contact Info

Emmy (Hostess): Email - panramakayii@gmail.com
AIM - ewanwuver
MSN - emmythefangirl@gmail.com

Cedric (Co-Host): Email - playerthayer420@hotmail.com
AIM - playerthayer420

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