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Rules [Aug. 1st, 2006|04:58 pm]


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1. Only 2 cannons per player. If you're interested in playing a cannon, you need to send a sample post of that character to one of the Moderators.

2. Respect each other. Respect is an essential in life.

3. No God-Moding. We do not take kindly to this. You only get one warning. After the first warning you'll find a Cyberman on your doorstep chanting "Delete! Delete!"

4. Keep language under control. We don't have much of a problem with it, but we don't want to see characters running around dropping the F-Bomb 50 times in a single post.

5. No graphic sex RPs.

6. Human characters do not need to be approved before play. However, aliens must be approved by a moderator before play. Also any employee of Torchwood, former "Preacher," member of U.N.I.T, or Companion to the Doctor (etc…) must be approved before play. Basically if your character is going to have some connection to the Doctor in his/her past, it needs to be approved. To get a character approved, the best thing to do is private message the moderators if they are in the room. However, if a moderator is not in the room, use the contact info to get in touch with them. Both mod's literally have no lives and are on the internet almost 24/7.