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Cannon List [Jul. 27th, 2006|01:00 pm]


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Bolded names mean that the character is taken already. If interested in playing a cannon, contact either Emmy or Cedric. Contact info is on main page.

Main Reality

- The Doctor, 10th Regeneration
- Martha Jones

Torchwood 3

- Captain Jack Harkness
- Gwen Cooper
- Ianto Jones
- Owen Harper
- Toshiko Sato

"Pete's World"

- Rose Tyler
- Mickey Smith
- Jackie Tyler
- Pete Tyler
- Jake Simmonds

Note on Timelords...

As stated in the new series, Gallifrey was wiped out and the time lords died with it. Nine completly believed that his entire race had died out and he was the only one left. However, he also believed all the daleks had been destroyed.

But he had been wrong, hadn't he? Massively wrong.

So we will take into consideration the play of other time lords. The admins are big fans of drama so will probably advocate it. However, all time lords must be approved. Cannon Timelords available are available for play as well.

Time Lords

- Romana
- Susan Foreman (We're sticking her here, we're not getting into debate with the Whovian fanbase)

For lists of more Time Lords, check Wikipedia 'Time Lord'

Note on former companions...

We encourage the use of former companions, though they must be approved by the admins. We would like to remind players however to keep the characters backstory in mind if taking them on. Most of the original companions would be elderly in the main time frame of play. However, since Doctor Who is about time travel in all it's shapes and forms, play in previous years can be done. Just don't expect for any previous companions to automatically be able to play with the doctor.

Afterall, it was 30+ years till Sarah Jane saw him.

Former Companions

- Ace
- Adric
- Peri Brown
- Melanie Bush
- Dodo Chaplet
- Ian Chesterton
- Jo Grant
- Zoe Heriot
- Grace Holloway
- Ben Jackson
- Tegan Jovanka
- K-9
- Kamelion
- Katarina
- Sara Kingdom
- Leela
- Jamie McCrimmon
- Adam Mitchell
- Nyssa of Traken
- Polly
- Liz Shaw - Sarah Jane Smith
- Harry Sullivan
- Steven Taylor
- Vislor Turlough
- Vicki
- Victoria Waterfield
- Barbara Wright

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